LMU Faculty and Staff: Learn More About Box Edit

Box Edit is a feature that allows you to edit or create files directly on Box. Designed for all file types, browsers, and platforms, Box Edit uses the default application installed on your computer to edit or create simple and centralized content: DOCX files open in Microsoft Word, PPTX files open in Microsoft PowerPoint, XLSX files open in Excel, and so forth.

You can download Box Edit here.

The Box Edit installer package is available for both the Mac (DMG format) and Windows (MSI format).

1. Click the Get Box Edit button and download the Box Edit installer.
2. Run the Box Edit installer and follow instructions to install or update Box Edit on your computer.
3. After the install is complete, you must restart your browser to activate the new Box Edit version. Once you restart your browser, the latest version of Box Edit is activated and will automatically receive all future updates.

Once you download and install Box Edit, it will be available on any browser on your computer. Box Edit supports all browsers supported by the Box web application such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. However, it currently does not work on mobile browsers.

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