Tech Training Tuesday: Public Relations Fundamentals

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Learn today’s public relations techniques and best practices with PR expert Deirdre Breakenridge. In this detailed course, she explains how social media has revolutionized public relations, and offers an effective eight-step workflow you can use to ensure you’re sharing the right message with the right audience. Learn how to build a PR plan, develop and optimize messaging, and engage everyone in the media, from reporters to bloggers and influencers. Next, see how to manage relationships and your organization’s reputation; amplify awareness with the aid of internal and external “champions”; and plan for, and gracefully navigate, crises. Finally, explore the differences between a news release and a social media release, check out effective visual storytelling techniques for new media, and see how to measure and share PR outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Understanding public relations
  • Exploring new channels and choices
  • Combining trusted research with new media
  • Developing audience profiles and buyer personas
  • Understanding communications channels and audience engagement
  • Understanding earned, owned, shared, and paid media
  • Building internal employee champions and reputation management
  • Relying on great relationships when crisis strikes
  • Issues management vs. crisis management
  • Dealing with the media during a crisis
  • Visual storytelling in PR: videos, infographics, images, and more
  • Best practices for crafting social media posts
  • Tying PR measurement to business goals
  • Reporting results to execs and other stakeholders
  • Uncovering modern-day communication roles and responsibilities


  1. Go to and log in using your LMU credentials.
  2. Click on the “Systems Login” menu.
  3. Scroll down and click on “ (online training library)”
  4. Click on the “Start Now” button and you will be redirected to
  5. Once you are logged in to, click the screenshot at the    top of this post and you will be redirected to the Public Relations Fundamentals course!

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