Instructional Technology at LMU

Instructional Technology at Loyola Marymount University

Welcome back to campus! Let’s kick off the 2015-16 Academic Year with a bit of fun. Jeff Schwartz, the Instructional Technologist for the College of Business Administration, created this video to acquaint faculty with Instructional Technology at Loyola Marymount University, and introduce the Instructional Technology team.

Want to learn more about Instructional Technology?

If the video has piqued your curiosity (or at least gave you a chuckle), then be sure to drop by the Faculty Innovation Center (Room 309 in the William H. Hannon Library). It’s the epicenter of Instructional Technology on the LMU campus. There, you can explore technologies to use in your teaching (such as 3D printers and scanners, virtual reality development kits, Arduino kits, and more), and get to know your school or college’s dedicated Instructional Technologist.

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