New in the FIC: Matter and Form 3D Scanner

The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is a high-resolution scanner ready for all faculty at LMU to use, right out of the box. Objects are captured in full color, at approximately 2000 points per second, creating an item ready for 3D printing or animation.

Matter and Form 3D Scanner

Take a closer look at the Matter and Form 3D Scanner

Watch as Nick Mattos, Instructional Technologist for the College of Communication and Fine Arts and the School of Film and Television, and Michelle Yeung, Instructional Technologist for the Seaver College of Science and Engineering unbox the 3D Scanner in this video:

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How you can use the Matter and Form 3D Scanner in your teaching

  • Scan valuable and delicate artifacts and recreate them so students can handle them in the Archeology Department.
  • Create items from history and allow students to work with the tools from the period to complete a task.
  • Assign a “maker” project in a class and have students build something more dynamic and interesting that could also improve their technology literacy at the same time.

Articles and Videos on the Matter and Form 3d Scanner

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If you’re interested in trying out the Matter and Form 3D Scanner, or even just watching it in action, drop by the Faculty Innovation Center or talk to your Instructional Technologist.