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Zines are self-published do-it-yourself magazine or booklet. Most of them are put together with cut out images, stickers, handwriting and more. Then, they can be photocopied in all different types of sizes and shapes. The topics and content within them can range entirely depending on the creator of that Zine!

In today’s world where everything is going digital, it’s easy to assume that Zine culture would be decreasing due to most forms of media moving online. In actuality though, Zine culture is steadily growing and maintaining. Much of this has to do with the fact the it is in fact a physically printed booklet. People still like them because they are physically able to hold on to them.

In addition, instead of the digital world negatively affecting Zines, it has actually become beneficial to the Zine culture and those that participate in it.  Thanks to the internet you could not only shop Zines in your local area, but you could also go online and find and purchase them from all over.

Luke Sinclair is one of the founder of Sticky, is a store that specializes in zines, and was quoted in an article saying, “Instead of the internet killing zines, all of a sudden it was really easy to get zines because you could go online … instead of destroying them, it all worked to feed them.”

The best thing about Zines is that there are no rules,. That means everyone – yes that means YOU- can be an author, editor, art director, and publisher of a zine, and that’s part of what makes them so awesome.

Check out The Zine event hosted by LMU professor Evelyn McDonnell this month:

When: Nov. 11th 3-5:30pm
Where: The Von der ahe suite in the Library
Who: Open to all students

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